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Organizational transformation &  Change Management

To keep pace with the today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations are faced with a constant need to change. Organizations are growing either organically or through mergers & acquisitions. This leads to the need for change management and restructuring.

Reforma Consultants has a strong reputation for implementing organizational transformation to sustain small or large scale change. We help organizations design and implement successful change initiatives that lead to major improvements and enhance their long-term performance.

We offer an integrated and end-to-end approach tailored to the needs of our clients by engaging the “whole system” to maximize each stakeholders’ contribution. We do this by performing due diligence for human capital and skill sets, create transformation themes, build ownership, identify and address barriers. We assist you in developing an effective roll-out plan and build capability for change.

We provide truly tailored solutions that align structures, processes, and practices with your unique vision for change.

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