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Effective Human Resources Strategy

Leveraging its years of experience in supporting the HR strategy development and implementation for organizations of varied sizes, Reforma Consultants offers a comprehensive range of services across the entire spectrum to help you maximize the potential of your people.

We help clients build their HR strategy and processes to drive the business results. It all starts with identifying and mapping key HR priorities in line with the business needs. We provide support in the design and implementation of overall talent strategy aimed at attracting, hiring, retaining, training and engaging high potentials.

Our strategic services include:
  • Anticipate challenges and spot trends during corporate planning process
  • Analysis and benchmarking of organizational culture
  • Risk Assessment of board and governance arrangements
  • Design, facilitate and implement strategic visioning process
  • Stakeholder engagement

Apart from the above, we also offer executive development activities tailored to our client’s strategic needs. These can help foster cohesion, open communication and trust among the executive team in relation to the above-discussed aspects.

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