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Employee  Satisfaction Surveys (ESS)

How engaged are my employees?

This is a key question in the minds of most HR leaders because the level of engagement of employees determines the role that employees play in organizational success. Greater the employees’ engagement levels, stronger will be their emotional connect with the organization, and resulting positive influence on productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction and motivation.

Employees who perceive they are able to influence the workplace activities are found to be more engaged. One way to provide them an opportunity to influence activities is through the use of employee satisfaction surveys, as they allow employees to share their feedback with the management. This feedback will give you an insight into which organizational areas are doing well and which ones need improvement, thus giving tangible change goals.

Reforma Consultants assist client to design survey tools, conduct satisfaction surveys, analyze results and recommend solutions to increase employee engagement levels. We provide an all-inclusive solution consisting of designing survey questionnaire to action planning. The surveys are tailored to specific organizational climate of our clients and can be deployed through different methods such as online surveys, focus groups, telephonic and face-to-face.

The employee feedback and responses are kept anonymous and confidential; therefore the survey results accurately reveal employees’ thoughts.

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