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Employee  Performance Management / PMS

Effective performance management is all about aligning your staff performance with the strategic goals of the business.

We work with diverse businesses to help them build robust performance management framework that enhance the employee’s productivity and helps to achieve overall organization’s objectives. Unless the employees clearly know the level of performance expected from them in that role, they won’t be able to meet the expected performance.

At Reforma Consultants, we help clients develop a clear business vision, communicate the vision to staff, link overall business objectives to the individual and team performance (through KPIs) and conduct performance reviews. We assess your current system and benchmark with industry best practices to identify the real issues and bring in fresh perspective to develop a more effective performance management framework.

We have also developed flexible, robust, user-friendly and cost-effective performance management software that makes the entire performance management cycle plain better. It automates goal setting, performance reviews, 360-degree feedback, appraisal rating, evaluation and moderation of results, analytics, dashboard and report and links to increments and bonus.

If your focus is on delivering results using powerful performance management framework, our consulting team has the right tools and resources to help your meet your goals.

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