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Corporate  Governance Frameworks

In these dynamic times, organizations are struggling to define the role of board, strategic oversight, executive compensation, governance risks, compliance systems and internal controls. Having a good corporate governance framework is important because it is the foundation for the success of a company.

Reforma Consultants has been at the forefront of the corporate governance services for clients across government and private sector companies. By building and implementing governance and compliance systems as well as strengthening the governance culture, we help boards and executives embrace opportunities for enhanced performance.

Our corporate governance frameworks are benchmarked to international best practices. This ensures that appropriate levels of control are being put in place that protects the interests of shareholders, meet legal compliance and are aligned to organizational values. We also offer support and design appropriate challenges during corporate planning activities and strategic reviews.

Our services to support the strategic development of boards include:
  • Design and operation of tailored corporate governance policies
  • Recruitment and induction of board members
  • Governance reviews and facilitating away day
  • Advising on roles and responsibilities as well as relationship with management
  • Advising on executive compensation and management succession issues
  • Board appraisal framework including board and committee effectiveness and individual board member appraisal

We have a record and reputation for developing a variety of corporate governance support tools like Delegation of Authority Matrix, Terms of Reference for the Board and Governance Committees among others. Our consultants closely work with you to deliver tailored corporate governance service.

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